StemeXe Solution for REMOTE WORKING

StemeXe will help you managing the shift to the new operating model and your digital transformation journey of making your employees work successfully from home. StemeXe will be the ignite that will create your employees’ digital workplace.

To successfully shift any team’s operating model, you need to properly educate and coach that team on how to adopt to new practices and adapt with the new changes.

Recently, all organizationshave started asking their employees to work from home immediately, and this is a big shift in the operating model which requires the below to succeed:

  • Dedicated secure channel to privately communicate the new changes
  • Private corporate engagement tool for employees to discuss matters
  • Centralized place to get access to files that are required to perform the job
  • Digital library for employees to learn how to do the job differently
  • Approvals using e-signature to replace all the traditional physical signatures
  • Request system for employees to submit their inquiries and track their progress
  • Chat system to enable instant employee to employee communication
  • Easy tool for employees to log their activities and efforts

Exceed is one of the few companies that adopted working from home since 2014. With that shift, we faced a lot of challenges and we spent years to overcome those challenges. The result was StemeXe solution.

StemeXe solution is a mobile and web application designed to provide employees with an online workplace that facilitates their work remotely and at the same time allows them to enjoy the digital experience. StemeXe will improve remote employees’ productivity and increase remote working efficiency.

StemeXe is the first solution to help you manage the shift in the operating model. By providing the required team, applications, and processes, StemeXe will ensure the achievement of the desired results your company needs. StemeXe app will provide you with:

  • Private and public announcements for team alignment
  • Digital Library for file access and training material
  • Dynamic process automation and approvals
  • Team chatting and AI chatbots
  • Remote employee time tracking and performance management
  • Custom mobile tabs and web application for the key organizational systems

As many organizations might not equip the employees with laptops, we provided a full mobile and tablet solution beside the website.


How to Engage

Unlike most IT service providers, we will engage with you and your team on a results-driven basis rather than a project-basis, and we will never charge you until you achieve the desired results. We don't require you to sign any agreement or pay in advance, just contact us to start your digital transformation journey:

Day 1

Set an online meeting with one of our success managers

Day 2

Set the basic systems

Day 3

Announce to your team to join and start collaborating


Addmore features and coach your team

We are very confident that we will contribute to the success of your businessand help you to successfully shift. Reach us today to enable your digital transformation.

Work From Home

We are very confident that we will contribute to the success of your businessand help you to successfully shift. Reach us today to enable your digital transformation.

Challenge: Cutting Through Digital Noise

When employees are in the office, they usually spend a significant amount of time discussing matters to stay aligned and up to date with work related matters. Working from home will take away this advantage which results in companies having to find alternative ways to keep the employees informed, updated, and engaged.

Most of the current communication channels cannot help in such situations; using emails and social media to stay connected means employees are bombarded daily with so many messages, and keeping up with all of them is difficult.


How we solve it

Our announcement system is dedicated for the organization’s team members only, and provides them with the ability to control who can post and announce. This will ensure that the organizational message is communicated in a swift and secure way, and it will reach employees on their phone no matter where they are. 

Challenge: Find your files and learn how to do the job differently

Working from home will require new methods and applications for employees to perform their job. Sadly, employees are asked to work from home without being given proper coaching and guidance, and they end up struggling to use new technologies and adopt new working.

Furthermore, most companies are not equipped well to securely share their information for online web access, and even if they decided to do that now, it might take time and effort to build the web access and structure information in a proper way. 


How we solve it

Our digital library makes it easy for your employees to find the training material to understand how to deal with the change and use new technologies, at their full potential. 

We also enable organizations to choose which data to make available and accessible online to their employees to perform the required job.

Challenge: Employees daily requests and approvals

More companies are shifting towards remote working and spending less time in an office environment. This presents many challenges that can delay the approval and processing of daily employee requests

Some of the challenges are:

  1. Approvals that involved papers being reviewed by one person, handed over to another to review and approve (or even emails going back and forth)
  2. Authorized employees are not physically present to sign documents
  3. Several new approvals and requests might pop up without a clear well defined owner


How we solve it

Introducing the first process automation system that doesn’t require IT staff to deploy or setup, which in turn will eliminate the high cost of IT resources required. We will achieve that in 3 steps; Map your old traditional approval processes on the system. Then we will train your business users on how to use the system and create processes. And we’ll also support you in creating new processes that meet the demands on remote working.

Challenge: Lack of Face to Face Chatting

In the work environment, employees get to learn day by day by asking other employees around them. Studies show that “word of mouth” is the best way to pass information.  Actually, orientations and company updates rely heavily on employee to employee interaction.

Working from home will bring the challenge of private communication since not all employees prefer to be reached through WhatsApp and other personal communication tools. Actually, in most cases, you might not have the social contact information of other employees. In addition, with those tools, you might not be able to know if you have the permission to reach another employee or when to do so.

Another challenge is that you might want to search for an employee by their function, not name, and personal communication apps don’t provide such features.


How We Solve It

We are introducing StemeXe chat which allows an employee to directly find the list of colleagues along with their positions. The chat is private and limited to the company employees in the same way that their internal conversations were limited within the offices. With this chat, you can find the status of others and their functions.

Challenge: Inability to Have Full Dedication

In circumstances where employees are working remotely, employees might not have full control over their time and managers may be uncertain about their actual utilization levels or their commitment to completing tasks on time. That uncertainty might create huge disagreements between managers and employees which might lead to serious conflicts.

Further, with this shift in work norms, companies might not have the instant visibility on the efforts taken by an employee to complete a certain job, and consequently might not know what to improve first.


How We Solve It

In the absence of physical attendance to office, we are providing a tool for employees to log their activities in relation to their work jobs. This will provide continuous visibility to managers and allow them to assign, track and approve tasks for their team members in an easy and effective way.

Our systems will detect causality and based on that, will analyze and provide reports to identify the employees who are facing difficulties in performing their jobs in comparison to others. With this visibility, the company will be able to adjust its new processes or provide support for employees who are facing challenges in the most suitable way.

Challenge: Reaching Non-Online and Desktop Organizational Systems 

Many organizations have built their systems based on a desktop-server model and for security purposes, they never took them to online applications. Employees working from home might not be able to reach those systems and organizations might not be able to build the online web applications very quickly.

This will have a significant impact on workers’ productivity, which will in turn negatively affect many organizations’ ability to survive and continue operating.


How We Solve It

Instead of building a complete web application for those systems, we will immediately build the most important mobile and web pages that need to be accessed by employees to perform their high priority jobs. Those pages will automatically appear on the StemeXe app to enrich the digital worker’s productivity.

In coordination with Exceeders, Exceed will avail for you thousands of IT specialists who can immediately develop screens to provide your employees with access to those applications.