Waffer services are designed to help organizations get the benefits of the best IT support, resources, and consultation while saving on time, money, and effort.
Waffer for Support
Waffer for Support is a comprehensive agreement designed to extend an organization's support capabilities through access to an army of support professionals to manage any and all support needs. It unifies your assistance service contracts, streamlining support for your mixed environment hence saving you money, time, and effort.
Waffer for Cloud
As more and more organizations move to the cloud, they find that a different level of expertise is required. Waffer for Cloud is a service agreement specifically for all cloud-related IT matters. Waffer for Cloud has been designed to be a one-stop-shop for customers satisfying all their Cloud Computing needs. With Waffer, you get the best in class Cloud Service at the optimal price.
Waffer for Licensing
Waffer for Licensing helps you maximize your licensing investment and minimize licensing costs by ensuring you have only as much licensing as you need. Waffer for Licensing is a complete licensing consulting and purchasing platform that helps businesses save millions of dollars on enterprise licensing expenditures each year.
Waffer for Services
The Waffer for Services agreements are managed service agreements designed to support IT teams in several service areas. Waffer for Services is an agreement specially designed to support IT managers in today’s complicated IT environments. It’s designed to help IT departments through managed services ranging from consultation, planning, training, implementation, support, & more.
Waffer for Offshore Resources
Waffer for Offshore Resources solution helps companies hire employees from around the globe quickly and easily. We utilize our presence in many locations to hire your employees, while you maintain all day-to-day control of your team members. It also increases your company’s efficiency while reducing the cost of the existing employees by shifting them to work in any of our offshore offices.
Waffer for Resources as a Service
Waffer Resources as a Service gives you the best of both worlds - excellent technical resources, managed by specialists, only when you need them. We help you find the technical resources you need for a successful project or service delivery, hire them in our offices, and manage them.
‘Waffer’ on All Your IT Needs


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