Exceeders Collaboration Agreement
The ECA is a contract that is adapted to your company's unanticipated IT demands. The Exceeders Collaboration Agreement is a premium yearly agreement that provides customers with complete choice over their requirements as well as access to hundreds of worldwide service and support providers. ECA services cover the entire IT lifecycle - from consultation on new and existing solutions to training, implementation, outsourcing, support, and more.
IT Challenges Facing All Organizations
  1. Requirements are sometimes sudden and difficult to plan for.
  2. Unique initiatives mean that IT teams need to engage specialists for specific durations on an ad hoc basis.
  3. IT departments often have to deal with dozens of service providers, support providers, vendors, and partners.
What Makes ECA Unique?
How Can ECA Improve Your Organization?
  1. Support: ECA customers receive priority assistance as well as direct access to technical and administrative professionals.
  2. Hiring Talent: With ECA, you can swiftly employ the expertise you need, with a variety of engagement options.
  3. ECA clients have easy access to information, support, and services thanks to over 50 partners and service providers.
Immediately Meet Your IT Needs