An essential part of transforming digitally is successful deployment. Once organizations have identified the solution they need, Exceed can give them endless deployment options through Exceeders. Our partnership with hundreds of global service providers lets us give our customers the flexibility they need for successful solution deployment.
Prominent Deployment Challenges
Even when they have selected the right technology, organizations face challenges in deployment. Some of these challenges include:
  • Complex systems are difficult to scope accurately.
  • Limited funds entail that project budgets are often tight.
  • Projects are ongoing and require different resource types.
Products Vs Projects
Organizations are now implementing products, not projects. Products are technologies that require ongoing development, improvement, and maintenance, making them a long-term investment. Products include customer and employee platforms, mobile applications, and other technologies that require agile project management and agile teams. Exceed’s offering is designed to only offer customers the resources they need exactly when they need them throughout their product lifecycle.
Exceeders Collaboration Portal
Through the Exceeders Collaboration Portal, we give our customers multiple engagement options and access to regional and international deployment partners:
  • Project-Based Deployments.
  • Resources as a Service.
  • Resources On-Demand.
After the Deploy Stage, We Begin with the Operation.