The Software Adoption Nightmare in Digital Transformation

Ahmad El Chayati
July 18, 2023

Are you struggling with software adoption? No wonder! Most companies that are adopting new digital tools have the same problem. Why is it, and how can you create smoother software adoption at your enterprise? 

Here’s what you need to know.

Why It’s So Hard to Adopt New Software at Enterprise Companies

The main problem with software adoption is this:

The person selecting the software isn’t the one who ends up using it.

This used to work back in the day. After all, IT departments within big companies were the only ones acquiring software and applications. That practice held up because the software was necessary for specific situations, such as:

  • These software solutions were infrastructure solutions that were related to team jobs
  • Most of the solutions were company-wide. For example, a mailing system was used by all employees
  • IT solutions were not the backbone of every business function.

Things have drastically changed, but this practice hasn’t. 

How Enterprise Companies Use Software Today

Currently, there is a merger between employees and software. Job functions are increasingly executed as a joint effort between hired employees and deployed software.

Every business unit within a company needs its software.

But due to how software is adopted today, they can’t hire their software. Subsequently, they are forced to use any software that is acquired by the IT department regardless if that software serves their job functions or not.

To Illustrate This:

Imagine that the HR department hires an employee with a particular skill set and competency and then asks every manager to utilize that employee in his/her team. As you can imagine, that would never work. Business managers should select their hires, and HR should facilitate the onboarding.

That's not the case with IT solutions. The IT unit is becoming the hiring unit that forces business units to use the software that it purchases.

Because enterprise companies look different from what they did ten years ago, this is a fatal error as businesses might not need the purchased applications or might not be convinced to use them.

Businesses need to select the IT solutions that add value to their jobs and outcome, but how?

How to Make Software Adoption Easy by Finding Software That Fits Every Team

Currently, it is only the IT team who is in touch with solution providers. They are the team who are knowledgeable about software capabilities. Most business managers might not know how technology will help them as they do not connect with service providers. 

So how do you help your teams find the right software, and make software adoption as easy as possible?

It's Simple: 

Well-structured, online IT solution stores will help you find the right software. You see, these stores are structured to define the solutions per persona. They will make it easy for business managers to know how technology will help them improve their productivity and outcome. 

These online stores should speak the business manager’s language and provide technical information for the professional team at the deployment stage. An online solution like this should enable business managers to know what jobs the IT solution will give them and see it in action. Just as if you are meeting the candidate who would like to join your team!

Although many other activities will help digital transformation adoption, this is one of the most important ones among all of them. Without the right software, there will be no adoption, and there will be only enforcement. 

Want to Start Today?

There you go! Now you know how to make software adoption easy. What it comes down to is choosing the right software that your teams will use. Let them be part of the process instead of assuming that you know what software will work for them.

Wondering where to start? Contact our team of professionals and let them guide you through your digital transformation journey!

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